I have been an SEO since early 2007 and have worked with large national brands and currently provide Search Marketing services for Fortune 500 companies.  In my SEO classes at the University of Hawaii’s Pacific New Media program I teach the way search engines work but more importantly I provide best practices on running a successful website.

SEO Expert Rob Bertholf

Its a lot of work to keep up with the search engine algorithm changes, even more work to share them regularly in blog posts.  In a part experiment and part re-branding I took the content of this site down gutting all of my jaded advice on Search Engine Manipulation and tactics which got me to be #1 in the world for the term “Search Engine Optimization Expert” in Google for the past 5 years (although I call them manipulation, they were very much “White Hat” and held my place through all of the Penguin and Panda updates to prove it).

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