TI-81-CalculatorSoftware development has always been my greatest thrill.

Early Introduction

My interest in programming started early, in my early teens I created my first game on a TI-81 Calculator while in math class. While it was not more than a “V” navigating its way through a series of ASCII style obstacles it opened my mind to the fundamentals of development.

Next I graduated to simple websites and by the end of highschool I had written an early content management tool in CGI/Perl to manage web profiles of fellow students. By 1998, Zeppo.com was gaining visibility and was recognized as Lycos’ Teen Built Site of the Month and Yahoo!’s Site of the Day.

Military Information Management

During my military tenure my focus was on information management. I used my passion for technology to find modern methods to effectively store and retrieve information. In my off duty time at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany I learned how to code in Visual Basic and while deployed to Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH wrote the first base intranet in Active Server Pages.

Through the visibility I gained I was then selected to assist with server consolidation of US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) bases & graphically separated units.

I was hand picked by the J-3 Directorate of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to assist with designing & programming a Classified application for the pentagon. For this initiative I received a commendation from General McChrystal.

Commendation from the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Content Management

Since the first content management tool I developed while in High School I realized the importance of efficiency, empowerment and automation. In 2003, I started developing a web content management system (CMS) that I used to make web development more efficient thus increasing my profit margins. I went on to create a company to sell this CMS, named ZeppOS, signing & deploying 700 customers.

Systems & Methods for a Standard Web Platform

Believing in the importance of standardizing the web I went on to write and file a patent on a content management system.

WordPress Development

After selling ZeppOS I looked for a new platform to rapidly deploy websites on and in 2010 started developing plugins for WordPress in PHP. The most popular of the plugins is a Modeling Agency/Talent management plugin which has hundreds of active customers from all over the world.

SaaS Application Development

In 2012 I created a web design marketplace called E.mp/re, in 2013 I worked with my team to create a Social Advocacy Tool, a Buffer clone called L8TR and a Business Planning Tool in 2014.

In developing these applications I realized the inefficiencies of Software as a Service (SaaS) development and worked with my team to create a SaaS Springboard.

Other Applications

Over the years I have also hired myself out and developed the eCommerce Engine for Domino’s Equipment & Supply division, University of Oregon procurement database, architecture for ActivityRez, and dozens of other projects I can’t even recall. I also created the Klout API wrapper in PHP and a social media influencer leaderboard.